Researchers X Entrepreneurs: German Castignani

German Castignani is a former research associate of the Luxembourg’s Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust (SnT) and current research fellow at the University of Luxembourg. He’s also a successful entrepreneur, being Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Motion-S, SnT’s first ever spinoff launched in 2014. Research and entrepreneurship have more in common than we often think. […]

Girls and adolescents from low-income homes more at risk from secondary impacts of COVID-19

New research study reveals that girls and adolescents from low-income homes may be especially vulnerable to negative secondary impacts of COVID-19 that can affect mental health.  Dr Pascale Engel de Abreu, an Associate Professor in Psychology at the University of Luxembourg, led international study to examine the well-being of adolescents in Luxembourg, Germany, and Brazil […]

Luxembourg paves the way for a new era of healthcare digitalisation

How can digital tools be integrated into healthcare processes? How should data be visualised to personalise patient care? These are among the many questions that Professor Jochen Klucken will be analysing over the next five years.  Supported by a 3.3 MEUR FNR PEARL Chair, Prof. Dr Klucken will develop digital health concepts for Luxembourg through a […]

Teaching in the digital and social media age

How do digital technologies and social media fit in with teaching in Luxembourg? Are they changing educational approaches? Dr Bob Reuter, a senior lecturer and Vice-head of the Research Institute for Teaching and Learning at the University of Luxembourg, examines how schools in Luxembourg are reacting to the digital revolution. What does teaching with digital […]

Luxembourg’s GDP to grow by 6% in volume

Luxembourg’s GDP is expected to grow by 6% in volume over 2021, due to progress in the vaccination programme and stimulus packages, according to National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (STATEC). Positive Luxembourg economic indicators The economic indicators available for the first quarter of 2021 are positive. STATEC forecasts a growth […]

MeluXina: Research Luxembourg to conduct large-scale experiments

Luxembourg’s new supercomputer, MeluXina, was launched on 7 June as part of the country’s data-driven innovation strategy, addressing the needs of companies, start-ups as well as public and research institutions. Several research projects have been granted early access to MeluXina to perform large-scale experiments and test their software on the system. MeluXina to assess the […]

In conversation with our young researchers: Rutuja Bhusari

Gas sensors are an important part of our everyday lives to identify potentially dangerous gases emitted by all kinds of common furniture in our cars, houses, and other indoor environments. Yet, gas sensors based on metal oxide materials operate at high temperatures, meaning they need a lot of energy. PhD candidate Rutuja Bhusari at Luxembourg Institute […]

Green Bonds: Why life cycle assessment is useful?

Green bonds have emerged as a key instrument to fund projects contributing to climate change mitigation or environmental protection. Yet, there is currently no consistent, robust and comparable standard for estimating the environmental impacts of green bonds. This may hamper the growth of sustainable finance. Using life cycle assessment (LCA) can provide a comprehensive environmental […]

Bicycle sharing: researching its impact in urban areas

Growth of bicycle sharing has been facilitated by technological and market innovation as well as the capital to promote and develop the schemes June 3rd is World Bicycle Day, a day intended to promote cycling for sport and health, but also to encourage its many possible social, equity, and environmental outcomes. The concept of bicycle […]

Smart mobility: What does the future hold?

The EU aims to have three million electric vehicle charging points and 1,000 hydrogen filling stations in operation across the continent by 2030. In this context, automated mobility will be deployed at large scale with digitalisation fuelling increasingly multi-modal transportation options. Luxembourg offers mobility innovators a real life laboratory. Here they can test new solutions which […]

Luxembourg: a top spot for talent

The 2021 Total Workforce Index™ reveals Luxembourg as 18th top labour market across the globe for sourcing, hiring and retaining workforce skills. In the EU, the country ranks 8th. A top 5 market for workforce availability In the latest edition of its Total Workforce Index, Manpower has focused on the sudden shift to remote workforce deployment. […]