Industrial and Service Transformation

The upcoming digitalisation will imply fundamental changes for industry and service providers that are active in Luxembourg. The country has the ambition to become a knowledge-driven data economy actively seeking to diversify its economic activities taking up the latest technological developments and providing high value added.  

The research carried out in this area should provide the scientific basis for such a development. It encompasses research in the industrial fields in which Luxembourg wants to consolidate and further develop its assets, for example in material science, space industry, or in the field of automation and robotics. 

Data modelling and simulation are seen as a key enabling technology in this area. It also includes new communication and computer systems and the associated challenges regarding cybersecurity needed for a trusted datadriven economy in an ever more connected world.  

Furthermore, this research seeks to bring new perspectives to Luxembourg’s most important economic sectors, like the financial industry, through the development of key technologies in the fintech/regtech area or in the field of distributed ledger technologies. The latter can also be applied in the field of “govtech” in the public sector. 

Autonomous and intelligent systems and robotics for earth and space
Fintech/RegTech and transformative applications of distributed ledger technologies
Future computer & communication systems

Fundamental tools and data-driven modelling and simulation
Space telecommunications, earth observation and space resources

Trusted data-driven economy and critical systems
Integrative Materials science and technology

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