Luxembourg, a young and dynamic destination in the heart of Europe

The nation’s young and dynamic research landscape, combined with a sustained funding drive and broad support by the population, makes it a rewarding and attractive place to work.

Luxembourg is reinventing itself – again. Once a leading steel producer, later a global financial centre, Luxembourg started around the turn of the millennium to pave its way to the future, a future into a knowledge-based society with a broader and more diversified economic base. The government has made research, development and higher education the cornerstones of its vision for the country’s future, creating a knowledge-based society, driving economic diversification, competitiveness and societal impact.

The Luxembourgish research institutions have seen a sustained funding growth in the past two decades. Successive Governments increased the public expenditures dedicated to research from 23.5 million Euro in 2000 to 368.5 million Euro in 2018, and the number of full-time equivalent research positions has grown by about 35% since 2010, to around 1675 (full time equivalent in public research). In 2018, the Government foresaw an approximate budget of 1.5 billion Euro in public research for the 2018-2021 period, which represents an overall rise of 25% compared to the previous four-year period.

Within twenty years, the country managed to build-up an attractive and fertile research landscape, gaining high international recognition in specific domains (e.g. material sciences, health and biomedicine, data sciences and ICT or education).

Luxembourg aims to attain scientific leadership in a few key areas. In December 2019, the Government approved the National Research and Innovation Strategy for Luxembourg, which defines four interdisciplinary research priority areas which have emerged as being of particular importance for the societal, economic and ecological development of the country: Industrial and Service Transformation; Personalised Healthcare; Sustainable and Responsible Development and 21st Century Education.

This interdisciplinary research is advancing Luxembourg’s knowledge-based economy, as its industry-informed research is being supported with cooperation by public research to reinforce innovative industries.

Furthermore, Luxembourg public research also aims for the strong societal impact of its scientific results. These must benefit all inhabitants, and help policy makers to take evidence-informed decisions, for the benefit of the country.

In a still young research environment, Luxembourg research actors benefit from a strong pioneering spirit, cutting-edge technologies and facilities, as well as from an overarching popular and political support for their activities for years to come.

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