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Raising awareness to address 5G fears


The introduction of 5G networks has raised many concerns, mostly related to the radiation associated with the technology.

Education on 5G is essential to combat popular fears effectively.

What is the impact of 5G on mobility performance compared to other communication technologies? Is it better than other technologies?

The Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST), in collaboration with Luxembourg’s Department of Media, Telecommunications and Digital Policy (SMC), is launching an awareness-raising platform to present and explain the technologies behind 5G, and in particular to make the complex world of 5G mobility concepts approachable to the general public.

Luxembourg Digital Twin in action to explain 5G

The 5G-PLANET project aims to create a copy of the existing 5G infrastructure in Luxembourg, i.e. digital twin, to show its use, capabilities, limitations, etc. to a wide audience.

5G-PLANET primarily seeks to share LIST’s experience in the planning and design of new 5G networks, using Luxembourg as a practical example. It will specifically target connected mobility applications and intelligent transport systems, which are among the most promising uses of 5G from a socio-economic perspective.

Deploying new network technologies is complex and exploiting their full potential is also a challenge, but one that can generate massive economic benefits down the road. Mobility is an excellent example to illustrate this point and explain to the general public the interest of using new, low latency communication means”

Sébastien Faye, Senior Research and Technology Associate and Project Leader at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

5G-PLANET intends to provide a decision support system for planning and designing 5G networks for cooperative, connected and automated mobility (CCAM) applications. This system will be demonstrated to raise public awareness of the value of these technologies. The Digital Twin approach will provide an attractive visual showcase for public awareness.

“Our objective is to propose an awareness-raising platform that makes complex 5G-mobility concepts accessible to the greatest number of people in the long run. The dissemination of the project to the general public will be guaranteed through several complementary channels.”

Sébastien Faye, Senior Research and Technology Associate and Project Leader at Luxembourg Institute of Science and Technology (LIST)

More about this educational 5G awareness project.

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