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97.06 MEUR committed to 299 research projects in 2020

In 2020, 191 research projects, 54 science communication projects and 54 doctoral and post-doctoral fellowships were selected for funding. 

1397 international expert assessments were carried out as part of the evaluation and selection process. Of the 781 eligible proposals, 299 were selected for funding, representing an overall success rate of 38.28%. To fund all the projects selected in 2020, the FNR committed €97.06 million.

Of the 781 eligible proposals, 299 were selected for funding, representing an overall success rate of 38.28%

7.5 MEUR dedicated to projects supporting the fight against COVID-19

The crisis has been a defining moment for Research in Luxembourg. All actors joined forces to bring in the combined expertise of Luxembourg’s science in an effort to tackle the pandemic. Case in point: the Large-scale Testing initiative, the prevalence and stratification studies, epidemiologic modelling as well as assessment of socio-economic impact are but a few of the activities that are led by the Research Luxembourg Task Force.

All in all, it was clearly demonstrated how Research institutions have now become firmly embedded in Luxembourg’s society and how they can generate impact. The FNR largely contributed to these efforts. Indeed, it invested EUR 7.5 million in research projects and public health initiatives related to COVID-19. It was also very active engagement in the Research Luxembourg Task Force.

In the framework of the “Task Force – COVID19” activities, the FNR launched a new programme to provide initial (co-)funding to support projects addressing the current and future challenges of COVID19. In total, 129 proposals were evaluated and 55 projects were selected for total funding of 7.5 MEUR, including the Luxembourg participation of 0.8 MEUR to CEPI (Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations) and 0.8 MEUR to the international initiative “COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator”.

2020 Annual Report: The FNR – a key player in the Luxembourg public research ecosystem

47 new CORE research projects

Out of 157 proposals submitted in the 2020 CORE Call, a total of 47 research projects, including 12 “Junior CORE” proposals and 4 proposals in the framework of bilateral international cooperation, have been retained for funding. In total, it represents a financial commitment of 30,2 MEUR.

FNR’s CORE programme is one of the major vehicles to implement the national research priorities. Funded research projects have a duration of 2-3 years.

Find out more about the CORE projects.

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