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Survey : Luxembourg public trust in science and research gain momentum

Do people in Luxembourg trust science and research? The answer is yes! According to 2021 study of the perception of the Luxembourg research community, commissioned by Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR), 70% of respondents said they trust science and research, up to 3% from 2019 survey.

The biennial barometer report aims to understand the level of notoriety and the perception of the Luxembourg research community among the general public.

Public’s trust and interest in science have increased

In Luxembourg, 70% of the population trust science and research – up from 67% in the 2019 survey. Most importantly, the number of people who “absolutely trust” has increased, from 14% to 20%.

Interestingly, the strongest increase in trust was among the youngest respondents (+12 percentage points for the statement “absolute trust”).

The majority of respondents (64%) said they are interested in science and research. This is the highest rate this number has ever been in this survey. The interest is spread evenly across age range, with people of Luxembourg nationality showing the most interest compared to other nationalities.

Positive perception about the contribution of Luxembourg research in overcoming the pandemic

The pandemic has thrust science and research into the limelight, rarely has the impact it has on our every day lives been so tangible to so many people. Generally speaking, respondents have positive perception about the contribution of Luxembourg research in dealing with the coronavirus crisis.

More than 80% of respondents believe that scientists’ knowledge is important to slow down the spread of coronavirus in Luxembourg.

Similarly, the vast majority of respondents (79%) think that political decisions on managing the coronavirus have to be based on scientific facts.

“The public’s trust in science has increased, as has interest. People increasingly agree that research has an impact on our social, economic and personal lives. What also pleases us is that people are positive about the contribution of Luxembourg research in overcoming the pandemic.

— Marc Schiltz, , Secretary General, FNR

The survey aims to monitor the evolution of the perception and the value attributed to science and research over time.

Conducted every two years, the barometer report has shows evolution since 2013 throughout four editions.

This year’s report collects answers from a sample of 600 respondents representative of the population

Explore results in detail.

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